1. First off, this was wonderful news indeed to hear when I first read it.. so thrilled for all women who can drive now ..
    as far as driving by the rules go,I cannot drive when I head to India as well 🙂 so used to driving here in the US that I definitely would prefer to sit as a passenger there

  2. This is really something amazing! I’m from the US and drive every day, sometimes it’s really crazy for me to imagine that life is so different in other parts of the world! It’s great news for women that are able to drive now! I’m so happy for you that you’ll get to have a change to drive around outside of waiting for your husband’s availability, that must be really exciting!

    XXOO Sunny

  3. What a huge accomplishment for women in Saudi. That’s amazing to now have the freedom to move about anywhere. What’s interesting is about the lack of knowledge about driving rules/safety. Wow, that’s really surprising. As you mentioned, with women now taking the wheel, things will change. Enjoy your mobility freedom 🙂

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